How to Make Homemade Butter Using a Butter Churn

Making homemade butter with a butter churn is a very simple task. However, you must follow a few simple instructions to achieve the right texture, colour and taste. Using butter churn for butter preparation is one of the most commonly used techniques. All the ingredients required to perform this task can be easily purchased from your local grocery store. So what are you waiting for? Buy the required ingredients today to start making butter at home.

Things Required:

– Butter churn
– Cream to fill churn halfway
– Thermometer
– Large sieve
– Large bowl
– Butter paddles
– Mixing container
– Water bowl
– Wooden spoon


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    Consider buying the butter making machine if you do not have one already. Clean and sterilize the butter churn thoroughly before using it. Add cream to the churn to fill it halfway. If you are using chilled or frozen cream, it is important to warm the cream to achieve the right texture. Set the machine temperature to 60 degrees Fahrenheit for the process. Use a thermometer to check the cream temperatures at regular intervals. Make sure the cream has reached the right temperature range. Do not add water to the cream to lower the temperature. Place the churn in a cold water bath if you are short of time.

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    Start the process of churning. A typical butter churn uses a plunger or cutting edges to move the cream in a circular and rhythmic motion. Run the butter churn for at least 30 minutes to achieve the desired thickness and texture of the butter. Remember to take your time and be consistent when you do the churning process. The goal is to churn and not mix everything quickly.

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    As soon as you spot the butter grains in the churn, consider removing the butter from the machine. If you over churn the butter, the milk concentration is likely to be affected, resulting in a bad taste. Experts recommend using a dash churn to avoid the formation of lumps around the blades. Be careful to not over churn the butter.

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    Pour the butter into small molds or sieves. It is advised to drain out the butter milk using a fine strainer. Butter milk can be used for drinking and cooking purposes. Salt can be sprinkled over the butter if needed. Remember to wash the molds or sieves completely before putting any butter inside of them.

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