How to Make Lighted Fabric Swags

Making lighted fabric swags is not that difficult but if you do not do use the right technique, you will face much difficulty to do it correctly. Basically lighted fabric swags are used in wedding decorations. Along with wedding decorations, lighted fabric swags also used during the holiday season in different European and North American countries. Many designers nowadays are also designing different types of lighted fabric swags for different special occasions. It is also important to understand that it is very easy to use as well. You need to just make the lighted fabric with best of your abilities.


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    Measuring the location

    Measuring the location where you have plans to put lighted fabric swag. It is very important as you know that where to put lighted fabric and what length and measurement you need to cover the area. You should cut the fabric in a fine manner and try to include some edges of the fabric. To do this right, you can always get help from experience people and get required help with great care as well.

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    Combining the fabric

    Combining fabric with string lights is very important. It will definitely help you to get your things done in a proper way. You should also know that combining fabric with string lights is a very good idea as it will certainly help you tie the fabric with ease. After tying together the string fabric, now you should also combined the ribbons with few inches of distance. Always take your time while doing this as you do not want to rush through this step.

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    Inserting cup hooks in swag

    Now important and main thing of inserting cup hooks in swag comes which you have to attach it using great care. If the cup hooks are not attached with the swag, it will effect the overall fabric and its beauty. You want to space the placeholders for the hooks so that the fabric has a nice fall when it is hanging.

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    Adding ivy decorations

    To enhance the decoration attractiveness, you can always add ivy or other elements including ribbons and bows to swag. Put more decorations in one corner along with different colours as well.

  • 5

    Checking the lights

    Checking the lights is also a very good idea to see everything is in order. You need to make sure that whatever the issues come to decorate the swag, you need to solve it with great care. Ensure that you use quality lights which are usually found any decent store.

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