How to Make Music with Water Glasses

You might have had the experience of blowing air in to a bottle which is filled with water to some extent. While doing this, you must have observed a unique sound produced, which is because of the resonance that is created due to vibration of the air column above the water level. This basic principle of Physics can be applied to other vessels as well such as a glass tube or a regular glass of water. For those students, who are searching ideas for a primary school science project, this idea can prove to be quite useful and above all easy to perform. Basically, you will just have to demonstrate how some water glasses can be used to produce musical sounds. The good thing about this experiment is that it does not require much effort and involves least out of pocket expense.

Things Required:
– 8 glasses of Water of same size and shape
– A water bottle
– 2 tea spoons
– Table


  • 1

    The arrangement of Glasses

    Arrange the 8 glasses on a table in a straight line and fill them all with water. Pour the water such that you fill first glass 1/16 with water, second with 1/8 full, the third 1/4th full, the fourth 3/8th full, the fifth glass half full, the sixth glass 5/8th full, the seventh glass 6/8th full and the eighth glass 7/8th full.

  • 2

    Striking the glasses

    Once you have filled the glasses then with the help of teaspoon start striking them one by one. This should be done gently as the glass can break.

  • 3

    Observing the notes produced

    As you will be striking the glasses it will be noticed that the glass containing least amount of water is producing louder sound or highest note. In order to ensure that your arrangement is correct compare the notes created with the notes created by a simple piano.

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