How to Make Raspberry Ice Cream

Raspberry ice cream, comes from David Lebovitz’s book, is sweet and delicious. This yummy ice cream is one among the best homemade ice creams. Raspberry ice cream is known for its nice tartness and is one among life’s best luxuries. You can serve this ice cream in many ways. However, serving it with brownies and topping with fresh raspberries is the best option as red colour of the raspberries and brown colour of the brownies look awesome together. In addition to that, the slight tartness of the fresh raspberries and the sweetness of the brownies will provide you with a great delicious mix of flavours.

Ingredients (takes approximately 45 minutes and make 4 servings)

(2 litres) vanilla ice cream

(300g) frozen raspberries

(100g) crushed meringues

Ice-cream wafers or cones for serving purpose

Fresh raspberries and brownies for serving purpose– optional


  • 1

    Take two loaf pans, 9cm x 9cm each, and cover both of them with a plastic wrap. Set it aside.

  • 2

    Remove the 2 litres pre-freeze vanilla ice cream from your freezer and set it aside until soften at room temperature. However, make sure not to allow it to melt.

  • 3

    Gradually spoon the soften vanilla ice cream into a large bowl and add in the 300g frozen raspberries and 100g crushed meringues. Pick a large metal spoon and gently fold your vanilla mixture until all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

  • 4

    Now, gradually spoon the mixture into the two already prepared loaf pans and again cover them with a plastic wrap. Place the covered loaf pans in your freezer for approximately 4 to 6 hours or until frozen.

  • 5

    Your Raspberry ice cream is ready, scoop into six ice cream wafers or cones and serve. You can also cut the Raspberry ice cream into 2cm-thick slices and place them into ice cream cups. Now, top the cups with brownies and fresh raspberries for a perfect and attractive look.

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