How to Make Seafood Crepes

Seafood crepes is one of the most delicious and nutritious meals. It makes a perfect party meal and can also be served during lunch and supper.

It is not very difficult to make; all you need is a little time and a few ingredients.

Prep time: 45 min
Cook time: 10 min
Total time: 55 min
Yield: 4 crepes
Utensils: Bowls, knife, spoons, fork, whisk and spatula.

Gold Medal all-purpose flour: 2/3 cup
Milk: 1 cup
Vegetable oil: 1 tablespoon
Sugar: 1 teaspoon
Baking powder: ¼ teaspoon baking powder
Salt: ¼ teaspoon
Egg: 1

Butter or margarine: 2 tablespoons
Chopped fresh mushrooms: ¼ cup
Medium green onions, chopped (1/4 cup): 4
Small cooked shrimp: 2/3 cup
Frozen cooked crabmeat, thawed, drained package (6 oz): 1
Cup half-and-half: 1/2
Cream cheese, cubed packages (3 oz each): 2
Shredded Swiss cheese (4 oz): 1 cup


  • 1

    First of all, take a bowl and add flour, milk and vegetable oil in it. Mix all the ingredients well. Then, add sugar, baking powder, salt and egg in the mixture. Stir all the ingredients gently.

  • 2

    Now, take a skillet and fill it half with water. Put the crepes mixture in the skillet and place it on a low heat stove. Cover the skillet. You have to cook it until they become brown.

  • 3

    Meanwhile, take a saucepan and melt the butter in it by placing it on a medium heat stove. Put the mushrooms in the saucepan and add the onions. Stir the ingredients with the help of spatula. Then, add the shrimps, crabmeat and the cream cheese. Keep stirring until the cheese is melted properly.

  • 4

    Put around ¼ cup of seafood mixture in the centre of each crepe. Roll them up and place them in the glass baking dish. Take the Swiss cheese and sprinkle it on the crepe.

  • 5

    Place the crepes in the microwave and heat for around four to six minutes. When the cheese melts on the crepes, take them out of the microwave. You can sprinkle some slices of onions or garnish some black pepper on the crepe before serving. Just make sure they are cool enough to eat.

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