How to Make Silly Putty Shatter with Borax

During World War II, the United Sates was researching in potential rubber alternatives and accidently created Silly Putty, a silicone polymer with unusual characteristics. It acts as an elastic solid over a short period of time, while shows the properties of liquids over time. It can bounce and break like a solid when hit with force, or form a puddle if left alone for some time.

The unusual characteristics of Silly Putty did not make it the most useful substitute of rubber, but did make it a beloved toy for both kids and adults alike. It’s deforming, stretching, bounce and liquid capabilities allow its use in many fun activities.

One of the many things that one can do with Silly Putty is to shatter it. Since the toy does not receive this kind of a treatment too often, a lot of people have become oblivious to its very possibility.

Things Required:

– Large amount of Silly Putty
– Refrigerator
– Empty parking lot
– Hammer
– Video camera


  • 1

    You will require a large amount of Silly Putty. 50 to 250 pounds of it should be sufficient for what you to carry out your planned activity.

    If you have Borax and glue, you can make Silly Putty at home with ease. However, it requires a little bit of experience. If you have mastered the skill of making the unusual substance at home, then you can save up quite a lot of money by not placing an order with an industrial supplier or wholesaler.

    Keep in mind that you will need plenty of glue and Borax for the amount of Silly Putty that you will be making. Read an online guide to make Silly Putty with Borax if there are no suppliers or wholesalers in your area. You can also place an order for it on the Internet.

  • 2

    When you have enough Silly Putty with you, roll all of it into a large solid ball. You do not have to make an extra effort to make it perfectly round. The idea is to simply roll it all into a solid mass. The bigger the ball, the more fun it would be to shatter it.

  • 3

    Store the Silly Putty ball in a refrigerator until you are ready to leave for the site where you plan on shattering it. Keeping it in cold temperature will not really harden the ball, but it will prevent the liquid properties of the silicone polymer from taking over.

  • 4

    Select a drop site, i.e. the place where you plan on shattering the Silly Putty. An empty parking lot can prove to be an ideal place, as it will give you plenty of space to have fun and not cause any collateral damage in the process.

  • 5

    At the drop site, get to the maximum height that you possibly can and drop the Silly Putty ball from there onto the ground.

  • 6

    Enjoy the sight of it falling down, hitting the ground and shattering into hundreds of pieces.

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