How to Make Your Baby Sleep All Night

You are an office going person who has a little kid, you come home, you’re tired and you just want a good night’s sleep but your baby just wouldn’t let you have it. What to do? Well, in such cases you need to learn the art of making your baby go to sleep during the night. Most new-borns wake up during the night because they are either hungry or they need to have their diapers changed since they cannot control their bowel movements. These problems of odd wakeup spells are present till the age of 6 months. After that the baby can easily sleep up to six to eight hours. If you are currently going through trouble with your baby not being able to sleep, here are a few tips which may help you.


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    Make your baby work during the day so he gets tired during the night. This is one of the easiest ways to make your baby sleep during nights. It’s obvious that once your baby is tired, he/she will sleep for a longer period of time. Try to play with your baby throughout the day and encourage as much interaction as possible. Do this either by talking to him/her or by taking from room to room with you.

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    Reduce your baby’s naptime. In order to balance their sleeping routine, babies take several small naps during the day and then they stay awake throughout the night. Therefore, while they are taking a nap during the day, you can always wake them up gently and encourage them to stay awake. Give them things to play with and talk to them. Remember, there is no harm in waking the baby up gently.

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    Take your baby to his/her crib whenever he/she wants to sleep. This will develop an association for them. Kids who often fall asleep in different bedrooms understand that sleeping is not attached to something in particular. Therefore, make him/her sleep only in his/her crib so he/she can associate the whole sleeping-crib relationship.

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    Always wait a little before you rush to your baby’s room while he/she is crying during the night. Mostly it is a bad dream and the kids wake up, see nothing but absolutely darkness and start crying. However, most of them later go back to sleep. Therefore, rather than making a rugged decision, simply take your time before you rush to your baby’s room. There is a high possibility that he/she might just fall asleep after a few minutes.

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