How to Make Your Wife a Baseball Fan

Differences in interests can cause several problems between a husband and a wife,  prime among them the problems caused by their inability to see eye to eye on certain issues. One such issue which leads to disagreements between the two is sports: husbands are generally hardcore sports fans, while the wives usually cannot bring themselves to understand, let alone enjoy sports.

While the love of your life may not be as big a fan of baseball as you are, there are certain methods you can employ to ease her into the sport and gradually encourage her to start enjoying it. If you manage to transform her into a baseball fan, the fun of going to games will be doubled for you, and the two of you can add baseball games to the list of activities you enjoy doing together.


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    Take her to the game

    Women are always looking for chances to spend quality time with their partners, and you are likely to feel the same way. When selecting an activity you two can do together, it is crucial that you take turns deciding. Allow her to choose an activity for a day, and when it is your turn, take her out to a ball game. This way, she will not be able to refuse and will have to try the baseball game.

    The atmosphere at a baseball game is exceptionally lively and fun-filled, so don't worry too much - your wife is sure to enjoy the noise and the crowds, if not the game at first. Find comfortable seats where she will be able to relax and from where she can easily watch the game. Bring her some drinks, then kick back and relax with your arm around her.

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    There are bound to be some souvenirs for sale on the stands before you two walk in and take your seats. Pick something you think will look good on her, ask her to try it on, and comment on how beautiful you think she looks with it on. Seeing you so happy and enthusiastic will definitely make her happy and excited too, and the entire experience will automatically become more fun-filled for the both of you.

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    Answer her questions

    While you may want to focus on the game, remember that your wife might not be as familiar with the rules of the game as you are. As a result, she may have a number of questions that she might want you to answer during the match. It is important that you do not become impatient, and answer each question with clarity and in detail; this way, she will begin to understand the game as well, and may start enjoying it just as much as you do.

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    Calling all the girls

    Women love to have their friends around when they are out, and this is a great way to get them to enjoy the game. Invite some your friends to the game, and tell them to bring their girlfriends along - this will make you all a livelier bunch, and is likely to make it an event to remember.

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