How to Make Yourself a Greener Driver

Being a greener driver means that you care about the affect your automobile is having on the environment. There are a lot of different things that you can do to help you become a greener driver especially if you are unable to afford a shiny new electric or hybrid automobile which are becoming popular nowadays. Remember it is the little things that can amount to a significant reduction in pollution especially when other drivers catch on and follow your example. Making yourself in to a greener driver is simple if you follow some easy techniques.


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    Maintain your car:

    Take your car in for regular maintenance as this will help reduce the amount of pollutants your vehicle is throwing out in to the environment. When your car is in good shape then it is running efficiently and thus all the components are doing their job. Keeping your car regularly maintained with fresh oil or air filter, new motor oil and spark plugs to name a few items is always a good idea as it will help you become a greener driver.

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    Maintain tire air pressure:

    Always make sure that you check and maintain the air pressure in your tires. This is very important as the lower the air pressure in your tires the more friction is created and thus your mileage drops. Having poorly inflated tires will make you head to the gas station more often. It is a good idea to have your own air pressure gauge at home that you can use to check your tires regularly.

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    Reduce weight:

    Take out all of the unnecessary items from the trunk of your car. If these items are not needed in the car, then remove them and store them in your garage. Remember the lighter your car the better the fuel consumption. This simple step can help you save a bundle at the gas station.

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    Follow the speed limit:

    Always follow the posted speed limit. The signs are there for a reason. If you follow the speed limit you will get the ideal fuel consumption in your vehicle. This will also help reduce the amount of pollutants that you are spewing in to the atmosphere.

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    Buy small car:

    If you are driving a large inefficient vehicle then maybe it is time that you bought a nice used small car that is better on fuel consumption. This can also help you save a lot of money in the long run as you will not be at the gas station everyday buying fuel. Getting a small car is a good step towards becoming a greener driver.

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