How to Manage Anxiety without Medication

We live in a world where people take pills for just about everything. This is particularly common for those with fretfulness, because anxiety often causes physical signs that boost people to see a doctor, and the only thing a doctor can do is recommend medication.

But medications are not the best anxiety management and if you study how to beat your particular anxieties on your own you should be able to successfully treat or cure your anxiety without any biochemical help.


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    Exercise is a naturally vigorous way to battle anxiety. It is one of the few "musts" if you are trying to overwhelm your anxiety, because it is a management that is 100% healthy and conveys very physical results. Even if you never concerned about your fitness earlier, you are here because you care about your psychological health. Consistent exercise is the best way to advance that mental health.

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    Breathing exercises

    Breathing workouts can be very advantageous for those with anxiety, particularly those that hyperventilate. Hyperventilation is very mutual for people that have fright attacks, and often causes physical signs that generate more anxiety on their own.

    So in order to avert that from occurring, breathing exercises can be used to calm the body and lessen the probability of hyperventilation. There are loads of different breathing methods, but the simplest one is the following:

    Breathe in through your nose unhurriedly for 5 to 6 seconds.
    Hold for 4 seconds.
    Breathe out through pursed lips (just like whistling) for 6 seconds.

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    Yelling and shouting

    The plan is invented to be kind of fun, and a little bit senseless, but also a noble technique to just make yourself feel like you aren't trapped inside your own head. Basically, find an isolated place and let yourself yell and scream to your heart's satisfaction. Punch pillows. Throw objects (safely, of course - nothing you will feel guilty of), and let yourself go rough and let out everything you've held inside.

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    These three steps will surely guide you to a healthy mind and tame your anxiety without medication and struggle. It will also let you know there are more you can offer in life that change affect change in the life of others.

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