How to Manage Atopic Dermatitis on a Child

Atopic dermatitis influence further 15 million individuals in the United States and is generally most common in infants and young kids. On the other hand, it is diagnosed in adults as well in the form of eczema. People suffering from atopic dermatitis usually have a deep family connection with allergies and atopic dermatitis. However, you can always manage its impact by various methods. We all know that the scratchiness is mostly unbearable. It is in simple words a skin condition that is not at all good for you. There are several ways to manage atopic dermatitis on kids with good effect.


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    Avoid scratching the affected skin

    You should not scratch on your kids skin under any circumstances. Even if he/she feel like scratching, at least do not scratch the affected skin. This is because usually you begin to scratch a little by little, but then in no time you keep on scratching and damaging the skin in the process. Also you need to trim your nails to a minimum length so that you avoid scratching the affected area. Try to wear rubber or plastic gloves while cleaning or washing dishes, as that way your kids skin will not be exposed to distilled water or detergent directly, and they will be protected by the gloves.

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    Moisturizing is important

    Make sure you use oily based mixtures for kids like Vaseline as they are a very smart choice. At all times follow the medical instructions given to you by your personal physician. Moreover, bathe using a non scented soap which is mild like Dove or Cetaphil. If you have a habit of shampooing your kids hair during the bathe, then try to prevent the shampoo coming into contact with the affected part of his/her body. Note that the shampoo consists of chemicals that can cause further damage to your skin. Kids should shower using lukewarm or warmish water. Hot water is not advised for the children. Medically safe bath oil can make your skin soft.

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    Wash yourself with a towel and wear clothes

    Dry your kid's skin with the help of a bath towel. Try not to press the cloth against the skin. After that, use a moisturizer on your skin. Then wear cotton clothes. Your kids can avoid irritation by wearing cotton clothing loosely. This is because the rubber of socks results in constant irritation. It is important to avoid sweating as well and it causes flare ups.

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