How to Market a Medical Practice

Sales promotion and advertisements are generally referred to as marketing. In this day and age, marketing of one’s products and services has become extremely important. As the products and services evolve to facilitate end users more and more, the marketing strategies are also getting aggressive by the day.

Marketing of medical practice is something that stirs a bit of a debate on ethical grounds. There is strong support as well as denouncement for the idea yet it is something that takes place all the time. It is perhaps not a bad thing to do but should be done in moderation so that the noble profession does not look like any other business.

If you wish to market a medical practice, you can do so by laying down a plan as per your needs and the market to which you wish to cater depending on the type of medical establishment you run. Mass marketing may not be the best idea and evolving a plan for the targeted segments is the way to go forward.


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    Local Laws

    This is where to start off with. Certain areas have strict laws on promotion of such services and you may be allowed to promote your practice in certain ways and for a limited number of times. Other areas may be less strict. Adhere to the laws as this will save you a lot of headache later on.

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    Open House

    You can always hold an open house at your medical practice and hold a discussion on topics such as the current allergies or infections that are affecting people currently and how to prevent them. While you perform your duty towards the society, you will also be marketing your medical practice. People are often appreciative of professionals who look to educate others on matters of importance.

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    Pamphlets and Flyers

    You can market your practice by distributing pamphlets, handbills and flyers. This can be done by offering these at your local grocery stores as well pharmacies if their policies allow that. You can also get them added to the newspapers that are locally distributed which is one of the more used methods of promotion used all over the world. It’s cheap and gets the information out in no time.

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    Social Media

    Your medical practice can be promoted at the social media. You get an access to hundreds of millions of people via such forums but there are always options to target residents of specific areas and you can even generate ads that will only be seen by these people. It’s free of cost for most services and the charges for specific services are far less than those charged by the main stream media.

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