How to Market your Band Online

Do you have a band that is ready to step out of the garage and play in front of a massive crowd? Of course, people need to be made aware of your band and its music before you start expecting them to have interest in your band and any concert that you may be planning to hold. Fortunately, internet is there to aid you in marketing your band conveniently and inexpensively.


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    Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are your best bet when it comes to marketing your band online. The aforementioned websites have millions of registered users, with the number growing with every passing day. You can start off by making a Facebook page of your band and start posting updates about your music, videos, concerts, etc. Post updates of your band on your actual profile as well, so that you friends can see them. Make them like your page. If any of your friends likes a certain song of yours, they will surely share it with their own network, thus allowing it to spread even further.

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    You can search for websites on the internet that provide free band promotion tools. Google’s search engine can help you in locating websites that can help with the promotion of your band by allowing you to upload your music, thus giving you an opportunity to have your music heard by thousands of music lovers across the globe. Websites with free band promotion tools may also allow you to post your band’s profile and photos, as well as give you an opportunity to advertise your concert dates.

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    Reach out to even more fans and associate with other music artists by taking advantage of message boards and blogging outlets. Tumblr is an excellent platform for this. Take out some time to share your band’s information, concerts, music, plans, etc. on the message boards and blogging outlets every day.

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    Connect with the people who have already become fans of your band. Attitude and arrogance is something that may have worked for the bands in the past century, but now it is all about being nice and friendly to people who are encouraging you to keep playing music by appreciating your previous efforts.

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    Create a music video and post it on video sharing websites such as YouTube. You will be surprised to hear about the number of singers and bands that got recognition through the aforementioned video sharing website alone. Even the teen singing sensation Justin Bieber got discovered on YouTube by Usher. Your video does not have to be something flashy or expensive. Keep it simple if you have limited budget. Be sure to share your YouTube video on your Facebook, your band’s Facebook page, Twitter, message boards and blogging outlets.

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