How to Market Your Self Published Book

It can be very difficult for you to market your own book if you are the publisher. Generally publishers have good contacts and know mediums through which they can advertise different books. However, it can be a stressful task for you.

You can use creative ideas to stand out from the rest of the crowd and make yourself noticed. Try to use promoting methods that are effective and inexpensive. You can build your own website to serve the purpose, use newspapers and magazines to advertise your book. Making appearances on television can also help your cause.


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    Build a new website

    Having your own website is very important. In recent times, the internet has become a strong source to market your product. If there are people interested in buying your book, they should have a source to get all the information from. Place all the details of the book, including the price and the book stores where they can get them.

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    Use social networking websites

    Social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter have played a vital role in the success of many people in recent times. You need to adapt to such forums to develop a fan following. Promote your book on your Facebook page and on Twitter for your fans.

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    Advertise in newspapers and related magazines

    Place ads in local newspapers and in magazines that relate to the genre of your book. For example, you can place an ad in a weekly or monthly political magazine if your book is of the same genre. This will target the people you want to reach to.

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    Meet bookstore owners

    Try to meet owners of different bookstores and convince them to give you shelf space. You can also manage a deal with them, giving them a proportion of profit on the total number of books sold in the end. This is an extremely effective way of marketing your book.

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    Make appearances on national television

    Television is a huge advertising medium nowadays and the more time you can get to promote yourself, the better it is. You can ask different morning shows to invite you so that you can provide a basic concept of the book. Try to contact those channels which are watched most in your area so that people may be able to recognize you.

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