How to Massage Using the Reinforced Thumb

Massage helps a person to relax and aids in the healing process. It involves working on the body with pressure which can be stationary or by moving. Massage can be done by a person or with a mechanical aid. It feels good when you receive the massage. However, giving massage can be a painful procedure. People with small hands may face more difficulty when giving massage. There may be alternative of using thumb i.e. you can use palms or knuckles but in some areas you have to use thumb. In situations where you want to reduce the pressure on the joints, you need to strengthen your thumb.


  • 1

    Warm the massage oil

    First you need to warm the massage oil. Simply put the container in a bowl filled with hot water.

  • 2

    Standing side

    You should stand on the side of the body where you can easily massage the other person. You should choose the side where you have a better leverage.

  • 3

    Apply oil

    Next you need to oil the back of the person. Remember not to apply much oil. Just oil it lightly.

  • 4

    Thumb placement

    You need to lay your thumb on the muscle of the person back. You need to place it on the side of the spine towards the rear. Then place the fingers of your other hand on the top of the thumb you have laid.

  • 5

    Press the thumb and move it upwards

    After placing the reinforced thumb on the bottom of the person’s back, press it and the slide it upwards. Glide the strengthen thumb towards the neck. Repeat doing this for almost three to four times. Remember that this movement should cover the whole muscle.

  • 6

    Glide the reinforced thumb upwards in the other side

    Next you need to repeat the process on the other side of the spine. Place the reinforced thumb on the other side, place the fingers over it and then glide it towards the neck.

  • 7

    Massage the entire back

    In the end you need to massage the full back of the other person. Apply gentle long strokes.

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