How to Massage Your Back with a Ball

Normally when we are tired, our back starts to feel the pressure before any other muscle of the body. This is the reason why we often feel fresh by getting a back massage for even a little while. Many times we come across a situation when we desperately need a back massage but there is no one available to do it. In such scenarios, you can be a little creative and massage your own back with the help of a ball. You can even press those muscles which you cannot reach.

Massage balls are quite common and available in markets; however, you may even give yourself a nice little massage with a soccer or tennis ball.


  • 1

    Select a ball

    Having a massage ball at home is the best scenario. If not however, you need to select the best ball to press your back. If there is a basketball or soccer ball available at home, grab it and make sure that it is clean and free of any dirt.

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    The floor should not be slippery

    Before you start the massage, you must make sure that the floor is not slippery; otherwise, you may risk a minor injury by falling down.

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    Wear a casual dress

    If you are coming back home after work, it is recommended that you change your clothes and wear a casual t-shirt. Your trouser should also be very comfortable because you would need to stretch often while massaging your back with a ball.

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    Start to massage

    With your back facing the wall, stand straight about 6 to 8 inches from it.

    Now you need to place the ball between your back and the wall.

    Very carefully and slowly apply your weight against the wall. Keep transferring the weight slowly until you get the desired pressure on your back.

    Now move the ball around your back by moving your body up and down and back and forth.

    While moving your body, the motion should be very smooth, avoiding any jerks, which may result in muscle damage or back injuries.

    Keep moving your body and massage the back with a ball for about five minutes.

    It is highly recommended that you do some stretching of the back muscles before and after the massage.

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