How to Measure a Child for a Suit

There are number of key things that are important when you are buying suit for your children. The most important is that its size should be accurate as a good fitted suit not only makes anyone look more elegant but also makes them feel comfortable.

While selecting a suite for your child, you should know the exact measurements to get it right. Remember, kids can never tell what is fit or loose so you will have to keep your eyes open. Though, fitting of clothes depends on style, fabric and pattern but you must be aware of the basic measurements to buy a well-fitted suit for your child.

Generally, people leave this to tailor by thinking that a tricky process but now anyone can be the expert of measurements by following our instructions given under.

Before going through this detailed guide, you must keep in mind that kids are always growing so you should have a half inch margin in the measurements. It is better to take their actual body measurements than measuring over clothes.

Things You Need:

A measuring tape, Pencil, Paper


  • 1

    The initial measurement that we will take is sleeve length which is one of the most important measurements. This should be calculated from the top of his shoulder bone down to the start of his hand. This could be measured by placing the tip of tape on outer shoulder bone and taking it all the way down to just past the wrist.

  • 2

    Next step is for upper body measurements and this will be done by wrapping the tape around his chest. Take measuring tape under armpits and connect both ends at the front part of the chest. If you are measuring for Jacket then it will be taken from armpits to armpits.

  • 3

    Now you need to know exact size of waist. Most children wear trouser bit low but you should not measure from hips rather wrap the tape around his waist and let it cross itself just below the belly button. Put the measurement on paper.

  • 4

    Next measurement is trouser length which will be of two kinds e.g. Inside Leg and Outside Leg.

    For inner measurement, place tip of the tap at bottom of crotch and take other end down to his ankle bone. Add one inch in the measurement to have perfect fall on the shoes. Similarly, outside length should be measured from top of the waist to an inch below his ankle bone.

  • 5

    Last but not the least is jacket length which will be measured from centre back of his neck to the hemline/ hips.

  • 6

    Record all the measurements separately on a paper and you are all set to buy a well-fitted suit for your kid.

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