How to Measure a Widescreen TV

Measuring a widescreen TV is not that hard, but it can become really confusing for some people. This is because of the transition of TVs from older, box kind of models to smart, widescreen TVs. A normal, older TV model might have the exact advertised screen size as compared to that of the widescreen one. However, the overall TV measurements and image size will definitely differ. You should be aware of how to rightly measure a TV and it is very useful when purchasing a brand new model to guarantee that it fits perfectly in your allocated area.


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    Get the diagonal measurements of the widescreen TV

    You should know that the measurement that TV sellers provide for the TV size is indeed the diagonal measurement of the screen in inches. To find this, get a measuring tape and put the end on the lower right hand corner of the screen. Maintain it in order with the help of your finger. Extend the tape measure across diagonally to the upper left hand corner of the TV. Make sure you do this by holding the tape smoothly.

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    Take the measurement

    Note down the length in inches. This diagonal measurement gives you the standard size of your widescreen TV.

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    The difference in aspect ratio between the older and recent models

    You need to be aware that there is a variance in aspect ratio between standard and old TV models to that of the recent widescreen versions. Aspect ratio is the ratio of a shape to its height when the width is bigger than the height. In this case, it is the ratio of the display screen’s width to its height.

    Generally, normal TVs use an aspect ratio of 4:3, while the other models use the ratio of 16:9. This suggests that despite having the same diagonal measurement like a 32 inch screen for both, the total area will not be the same. The normal TV will have a larger screen area and the display screen will be a square. On the other hand, widescreen TV will display a horizontal picture.

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    Measure the complete size of the TV

    Get the measurements of the full width, depth and height of the TV. Measure all of the TV including the screen. This will assist when you go purchase a brand new TV and would need to know the exact measurements in order to fit your TV space.

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