How to Mentor a Teenager

Almost everyone on this planet needs a mentor in life as people always look for shelters, support and guidance in hard times. They seek directions from others who are more experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to understand life.

Now imagine a teenager who has just started socialising and mingling with others and his ignorance about the concept of wrong and right can put him in trouble. They get distracted and ultimately become the person who they are actually not.

The fact is that the vast majority of teenagers are misguided. They have absolutely no idea how to live a life that is going to make them confident and secure. In result, so many of them become frustrated and unfulfilled persons.

There comes the stage when they want to live a life that really counts. There is deep desire in them to be connected with others in a way that people start depending on them. At this point, you should help them to find a life where they wake up really confident, satisfied and stress free. Be their mentor and guide them to pursue a promising future.


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    Crystal clear mental approach:

    First of all, reconsider the decision of mentoring a teenager as it can be a nerve-racking job. You will have to be patient, motivated and mature to handle them. Ask yourself that why are you going to shoulder this responsibility? Do you have that much self control and patience to bring tranquillity in somebody else’s life? If you are satisfied with the answers, then it’s time to take next step which will prove a big leap.

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    Use others’ experience:

    You should meet the people who have the experience to handle teenagers. Ask them questions to get more understanding. You can have a meeting with subject’s teachers, coaches or even age fellows to know his psyche.

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    Make a routine:

    Organise frequent meetings with your mentee but do not treat him like a subject who is going through a psychological help programme. Instead of giving lectures, have a friendly discussion and offer your piece of advice politely.

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    Gain trust:

    To build trust is very important to win your mentee’s heart. Make him so comfortable that he does not feel any hesitation to discuss anything. You can encourage them to open up by sharing your teenage problems.

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    Listen to them:

    If they try to differ, listen to them with full attention and respect. However, you should not be so much sympathetic that they feel embarrassed to share their thoughts.

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    Inject positivity:

    You should make them realise that you have complete faith in them. They are capable of doing anything and they have the confidence to alter the course of their life. This positivity will work like a catalyst and there will be a remarkable progress.

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    Broaden vision:

    Remember you are not there to restrict them rather begin your activities with them. Expose them to new places and persons who can give them a sense of prosperous future.

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