How to Ollie While Moving on a Skateboard

An ollie is one of the first tricks that skateboarders add to their arsenal. This is understandable, as most of the advanced park and flat-land skateboarding tricks are based on this trick.

Learning to ollie on a skateboard, especially while moving, is not easy. Even though the trick is considered to be basic, it involves a significant amount of difficulty and needs a lot of practice to perfect.

If you are ready to commit yourself to the effort and practice that is required to learn to ollie while moving on a skateboard, then it will only be a matter of time before you will find yourself adding more advanced and exciting tricks to your arsenal.

Things Required:

– Skateboard
– Protective gear


  • 1

    Before you learn to ollie, make sure you are comfortable on the skateboard. If you got your first skateboard only recently, then it would be best for you to delay practicing the trick for a few weeks. The more time you spend on the skateboard, the more ready you will feel when you finally get down to adding tricks to your arsenal.

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    Once you are ready to ollie while moving on a skateboard, the first thing that you should focus on learning is the stance. In order to prepare yourself for the trick, place your back-foot on the skateboard’s tail, while keeping the front foot between the middle and front wheels of the skateboard. Make sure your back is as straight as possible. Do not forget to wear protective gear such as a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads.

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    Bend your knees and slam the back-foot onto the tail of the skateboard to pop it in the air. Remember to jump in the air off your back-foot just as the tail hits the ground. It will take a bit of time and practice to perfect this. The deeper you bend your knees, the higher you will be able to jump and the more air-time you will get.

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    While in the air, drag the side of your front-foot to the nose of the skateboard and place the back-foot on the tail. This will help to level the skateboard out. Lean a little towards the front side momentarily to retain the momentum in the forward direction.

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    Bend your knees a little just as you are about to land on the ground in order to absorb the shock and then ride away.

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