How to Order Wine in a Restaurant

Wines are an important parts of meals these days and the older the wine, the expensive it is. Wine has become a symbol of class and stature in this modern era and people are even differentiated upon the basis of which type of wine they drink. Inviting a guest and allowing him to leave without asking him for a drink of a bottle is considered as manner less, which is why the presence of wines in the meals has become an absolute certainty these days. Wines are best served at hotels and restaurants these days and if you want to have a drink with someone special, then the best idea will be to take him/her to a quality restaurant, which is renowned for its wine speciality. The question arises that how to order a wine in the first place. The basic steps are mentioned here and following these, one can select and order the most suitable type of wine for the meal.


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    The first step is to be seated in the restaurant. Entering the restaurant with your partner, you will be having a glance at all the possible vacant tables. Just select a table depending upon the nature of your meeting and ask your companion to have a seat first. Sit by your partner.

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    After being seated you will be required to ask a waiter or a server to approach you. Do this by signalling him/her without making any noise. A gesture by the face or hand might do the trick.

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    Upon the arrival of the person that has the responsibility to serve you, ask him/her to provide you with the menu of the restaurant.

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    Now go through the menu and advance into the “Wines” section of the pamphlet. Read all the possible drinks that are on offer and select the most appropriate one by consulting your partner. This depends upon the taste that you have adapted in regard of the drinks. Make sure that you are having a corresponding glance at the prices of the bottles, as it might be embarrassing if you order a wine and then fail to meet the expenses after enjoying the drink thoroughly. It will most certainly have a negative impact on your companion.

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    Doing the selection, you are now set to order the server for the shortlisted choice. Ask the server to come to you if he has gone in the meanwhile and tell him about the wine that you have selected. Also inform him about the number of bottles that you have decided to order. Once the order is complete, you can sit and enjoy a brief talk with your companion till the drink arrives.

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