How to Overcome Coulrophobia

Many people including kids and adults enjoy the presence of clowns at a circus or festival because these clowns wear funny dresses and also paint their faces in a funny way. However, at the same time, there are many people who get scared with the presence of clowns and this fear of clowns is called Coulrophobia. But stay relaxed as the Coulrophobia can be treated easily by doing certain things. If you are also suffering with Coulrophobia and want to get rid of it then take guidance from this article to learn how to overcome Coulrophobia.


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    First of all, you need to accept that you are suffering with Coulrophobia and do not go on pretending in front of your family members or friends that you are not afraid of clowns.

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    After accepting it, you should attend different self-help groups among your community that have the same problem. It will make you feel comfortable that you are not alone who is suffering with Coulrophobia.

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    You should start learning the techniques to control your breath especially when you are panic or afraid. Try to calm yourself down and breathe in a normal way while thinking of a clown as it will help you to overcome your Coulrophobia.

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    You need to practice those physical and mental exercises that help in making you relaxed during a panic situation or in tension. It will help you in controlling your fear while standing in front of a clown.

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    In order to overcome your Coulrophobia, you need to make a list of all scares that you feel while watching a clown. It will help you in deriving a complete plan of mental and physical exercises and will enable you to overcome your Coulrophobia.

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    You should keep practicing for controlling your nerves in a panic situation when the clown is standing quite close to you. Always try to stay calm and relaxed which will help you to get rid of your fear of clowns.

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    If you think that you alone cannot get rid of Coulrophobia then take help from a professional therapist who is expert in cognitive therapy. He will suggest you many different and effective methods which will help you in overcoming your Coulrophobia.

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    You can also take help from your health care provider who will also advise you to take certain medicines that help in relaxing the muscles and you will be able to control your nerves while standing in front of a clown.

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