How to Overcome Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is one of the toughest to overcome, and not only puts you under financial stress but plays a major part in ruining your relationship with your friends and family members. Moreover it interferes with work and further tempts you to indulge in certain activities which you may regret later on.


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    On any given day, just tell yourself that you will not gamble. Be it for a minute, or an hour, but give yourself a chance to curb your gambling habits. Tell yourself that the process has to start someday, and the time is now. Make an oath and try to stick to it for a while and see how the things pan out.

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    Find some healthy, suitable replacement. Indulge in activities that divert your focus. You may start a gym routine, or go out shopping with friends or family members. You can either rent some inspirational movies or listen to music.

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    It is not bad idea to get help. Educate yourself with the pros and cons of gambling. See for yourself that the latter are likely to outweigh the former. If you have difficulty in communicating your thoughts or asking for help, then find books or join courses which teach you the ills of gambling. In most cases, you will regularly find or meet people with gambling addictions. It is not bad to exchange ideas and see what others did to curb their bad habits.

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    Let others handle your finances. This is an important consideration as more often than not, money in your pocket forces you to gamble. If you allow other people to manage your finances, it is likely that you won’t indulge yourself. Remember this is for your own good, and will positively aid in your recovery.

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    Recall those days when your gambling had affected your motivation to strive for hard earned money. You are not putting yourself at risk but those who depend upon you. Write the negatives on a sheet of paper, and hang it on your wall in your room.

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    If you are suffering from gambling related debts, than seek help from a specialist or a debt collector. This is important as financial pressure may in turn affect your motivation to stop gambling.

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