How to Overcome Physical Attacks in London

There are times when unpleasant things happen in life that are beyond an individual’s control. Image you’re walking your way back home and suddenly an intruder jumps and tries to assault, shaking you out of your peaceful reverie. This is a test of one’s presence of mind, and demands quick reflex actions. In times like this, you wish you knew how to save yourself when physically attacked! In 2011, there were a total of 816, 235 reported crimes, according to the website of Metropolitan Police London. If you are looking for ways to save yourself when physically attacked in London, then this article will guide you through the process.


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    The first thing to do is keep your calm in the face of an adversity like this. Because if you lose your cool, it will give an edge to your attacker and he will consider you an easy target.

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    As already mentioned, be quick in your reflex actions when attacked. Don’t give the upper hand to your attacker and react as quickly as possible, before the attacker has time to tighten his grip around you.

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    Use all the strength that you have to repel the attack. Don’t give it a half-hearted attempt, but make sure your reaction is stronger than the attack was. However, don’t hit a fatal blow that may result in serious injury or murder.

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    Once the attacker has stopped fighting, you should do. You’re allowed the legal right of self defensive under the English Legal system (Britain’s law) but if you step beyond that, you will be considered a party to the crime.

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    Once the attack has been warded off, move to a safe place so the attacker cannot make another move. Stay near a crowd or a hiding place, if you must.

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    Call the Metropolitan Police in London on their emergency number (999) and immediately inform them about the attack after you have found a safe place.

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    Don’t leave the aggressor if he is badly wounded. This can get you in legal trouble too. Stay with him and try to get help until the police arrives. That’s when your responsibility ends and their starts.

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    Always keep a pepper spray with you in case you may have to face an attacker who is stronger than you. This will give you time to move away from the attack until he regains himself.

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    Try to stay away from areas that have a high crime rate. For example, Ealing Borough has registered 7,300 cases of violence against the person according to Metropolitan Police London’s website.

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