How to Pack Your Ski Equipment for Flying

Ski-Flying falls in extreme sport category and no one can afford to miss all the crucial Ski-Flying gear when going on a trip. At the same time, you wouldn’t like to have a heavy bag. It will cost you plenty of money, plus adds unwanted stress to your trip.

In order to save money and avoid stress, one needs to be very careful while packing their luggage. It is imperative that you pack all the required equipment, and at the same time your bag should be low on weight.

Packing poles, binding and boots is no big deal, but the real problem is with the skis. It is really fun to use skis on a slope, but packing them for a trip is a painful process.

There are special ski bags available that can make things easier. There is no way out, if you have bought a wrong bag. When buying a bag, make sure it goes with the skis, as it should make  packing comfortable. Keep a few things in mind, when you pack your ski equipment for flying.


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    First of all, you need to know the policy of the airline, through which you are travelling. Each airline may have a different policy for sporting equipment.

    Weight of the bag might become an issue, because the airlines usually don’t allow more than 50 pounds. And if you are carrying more weight than the limit, you will have to pay a hefty amount to get your things onboard. So, call your travelling agent or airline’s customer service centre, and inquire about the weight limit.

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    After getting the relevant information, now it is  time to focus on packing. Place skis one by one into the padded bag, making sure that the interior divider is right between the two skis. In case there is no interior divider in your bag, wrap the skis with bubble wrap to avoid any damage.

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    If there is any space available in the bag, don’t hesitate to place extra padding. This will hardly increase the weight, but will keep your belongings safe. This step becomes even more important, when you are shipping the skis. Remember, the airport staff does not treat sporting bags carefully.

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    Since you don’t want to carry too many bags at a time, use the empty space for other things, such as shirts and other soft clothing. If you have planned to spend more time on slopes, there is no need for extra stuff.

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    Zip up the bag, and put a small lock if needed.

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