How to Pass a Kidney Stone at Home

Many problems cause pain to human body but kidney stone is something that makes people terrible causing them unbearable pain. People always strongly desire to get rid of kidney stone which is the most painful problem that makes them restless every moment of their life. Kidney stone causes pain to people when it moves from kidney towards urological system and comes back to kidney. This back and forth movement of kidney stone creates severe pain. People having pain with kidney stone always want the stone to pass through urine as soon as possible.

Although this severe problem should be treated properly in hospital especially when the size of kidney stone is large enough that could not be treated at home. However, if you have smaller stone that moves rapidly from your kidney through to urological system, then you can treat it which staying at your home. If you are staying away from town or in such area where you have no access to hospital then you need to do certain things which will help you in passing a kidney stone through urine. If you do not know how to deal with kidney stone at home then this post will give you an idea of how to pass it without any trouble.


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    First of all, you should use distilled water for drinking and also try to use as much fluid as possible which will help in stimulating urine production. Do not use normal water that also contains bacteria that can increase the sedimentation of stone in your kidney.

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    The use of lemon is another important thing which will help you in passing the stone. Add lemon slices in water or other drinks that you use which will help in breaking the kidney stone in smaller pieces. These small stones will easily pass through your urine.

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    You can also get rid of kidney stone by doing exercise on a regular basis because it helps in eliminating toxin which is the major reason that creates kidney stone. Exercise also help in passing the kidney stone quicker.

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    You need to increase the use of citrates as they help in reducing the quantity of calcium in the body. The kidney stone gets bigger in size when calcium builds up in body. If the stone becomes bigger, it will cause trouble and will not pass easily.

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    When you go to washroom, you should strain urine with a strainer which will help you in checking that whether the small particles of kidney stones are passing or not.

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