How to Pay Down Student Loans

Studies are not the only problem for students when they enter a university. They take loans from universities or banks and are soon in debt. One does not only have to cater for their daily expenses but also the tuition fee which has sky rocketed in recent times. By the time a student graduates, there is enough debt on his head that takes years to pay off. There are ways to pay for these loans. One just needs to devise a good plan to counter these problems. Here are a few ways.


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    The basic step you need to take before paying the first dollar is that you have to figure out whom you owe and how much you owe. There are times that you might not know the exact amount that needs to be paid but in order to counter that problem you need to investigate and find out exactly how much you owe. People and institutions that have lent you the money most likely send you an update regarding the money that you owe them quite often.

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    There are other ways to service your loans as well. If you do not have enough finances to pay for the massive sum of money thrown at your face, you need to consider the loan forgiveness option. The AmeriCorps is a United States Federal funded program that works on education, civil education and public service. For those interested in working for the AmeriCorps, you need to volunteer work for one year and hence you will get $4,725 to pay off your debt and a stipend of $7,400.

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    The Peace Corps is run by the United States Government and is a volunteer work organization. Is you are interested in working as a volunteer in international development sectors such as education, business, agriculture environment and information technology then this is the right place for you as 70 % of your student load will be reduced. The Peace Corps is a good option for those willing to get experience on field research.

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    The Military service is another option for you to consider. You can join as a Army reserve or the National Guard. If you apply for the service and after undergoing severe physical and endurance tests and get recommended, there are chances that not only your student loans will be finished but also you will get paid for serving in the military. There are more bonuses for individuals serving in hostile areas.

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