How to Pay Traffic Fines in Dubai UAE Overview

Like other regulations, rules for driving are also very much strict in United Arab Emirates, Dubai. If any driver is found violating the driving rules, he is fined but besides that the vehicle is also confiscated. Over speeding, and breaking the signal are not the only rules for which a driver is charged with fine; if a driver acquires someone else’s parking space even then he is thought to be a law breaker.

In severe cases your license also gets revoked.   Make sure you always keep your license and vehicle card, so that if you end-up in such a scene at least you are not charged with further fine, for not having the legal documents along. These rules are made for your safety it is better to follow them instead of abiding them.


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    Traffic fines in Dubai:

    For over speeding you will be charged with Dh. 200.

    If your are caught driving, without a license then Dh. 50 is fined.

    Dh. 500 fine is for passing the red signal. If for the first time you have break the signal, your vehicle gets confiscated. But if this practice is repeated then you will end-up in a court and your license will get cancelled, similar penalty is for driving dangerously.

    The fine Dh. 150 is attracted if you are driving in a wrong lane.

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    Speed Cameras:

    Some drivers think that if they immediately hit the break before being viewed by the speed camera, then the camera will not be able to figure out whether the driver was over speeding or not, well that is not true. There are cases when vehicles being driven at high speed easily passes by the camera.

    Motorists are rarely stopped for over speeding. If you are caught by the camera for over speeding you will be charged with fine. The amount has to be paid by you when you will renew your license or your car’s registration fee.

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