How to Perform a Spellcheck on Google Docs

Typing is quite easy considering the level of chatting that happens at the young age which creates a decent familiarity with the keyboard but still when working at the elite platforms and creating reports, typists usually commit errors while writing a sentence and a spell check is used to rectify the errors. However, the automatic spell check doesn’t work in the Google Docs which is quite frustrating because any information inserted in a Google Doc can’t be edited at the will of a typist. However, if the direct spell check doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean that any type of spell check can’t take place and the entry can’t be edited. Google Docs offers official on-the-fly spell check through one method. You have to scroll down and find every spelling mistake yourself, the document will just add an extra red underline on the wrong spelling and you will have to edit them manually one by one. It is a very cumbersome task especially when you are proofreading a document whose length is beyond 10,000 words plus it is very time consuming as well and maybe not feasible for some impatient typists who get frustrated quite easily. However, you can use Google Docs’ “Go-to-Spelling-Alert” which will guide you to the next error one by one and that will help you save time which you would have wasted if you had to scroll down the whole document one by one.


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    You can access your documents in Google Docs by logging in to you Google account on the website Find the document that you need to spell check. It will be listed under the tab of Documents. Open the document.

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    Use the short cut keys to find the next spelling mistake in the document by pressing “Ctrl” and “;” at the same time. You can use the short cut keys to find the next wrong spelling, the cursor is moved automatically to the next spelling alert. You can change the spelling by right clicking the word and finding the possible corrections.

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    Press "Ctrl"and "[" if you have missed some word maybe due to the pace of using the short cut. You can go back to the last word and edit it at you will with the help of the short cut provided at the start of this step.

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    You are done changing the spellings, save the document so every alteration is preserved.

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