How to Persuade a Sibling to Quit Smoking

Millions of men and women indulge themselves in smoking and other activities which have an adverse effect on health. Smoking is extremely unhealthy for lungs and is one of the major reasons behind heart diseases and mouth cancer.

The smokers also know the effects of smoking on their health; however, quite unfortunately, it is difficult to persuade them to quit smoking. The situation is all the more painful when the person in question is your sibling or a close friend.

While making an effort to convince a sibling to quit smoking, you have to be very careful because a slight mistake in communication may lead to deteriorating your relationship with the sibling.


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    Be polite and friendly

    Before you convey your message to a sibling about the effects of smoking and why he or she should quit it, you need to understand that only a friendly and polite tone is going to help the cause. If you try to be authoritative or harsh, it will actually have a negative and opposite impact.

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    Give examples of others

    In almost every family or social gathering, you can find people who badly affected their life due to smoking. You can start to persuade your sibling(s) by giving examples of such people. It is surely going to have a strong impact on the mind of your sibling.

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    Prove it medically

    You need to do proper research about the effects of smoking on health and communicate that to your sibling. Health is one of the most important things for everyone and nobody wants to spend his/her old age with heart and lung diseases.

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    Get your sibling indulged in a physical activity

    Most smokers do not indulge themselves in any physical activity. Therefore, you should try to make your sibling go to gym or swimming club with you. He or she can even start with walk or light jogging. A physically tiring activity is surely going to go a long way to help your sibling quit smoking.

  • 5

    Be patient

    Being patient while trying to convince your sibling to quit smoking is the key. Do not expect that you will deliver a nice lecture on smoking and your brother or sister will stop smoking immediately. A smoker is likely to take time before getting rid of this habit. Remain patient  and be gradual while persuading a sibling against the curse of smoking.

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