How to Persuade Kids to Do Homework

It can become quite a headache for parents to convince their children to do homework, especially in the holiday season. Kids these days have plenty to keep themselves busy, be it Playstation games, Xbox, Internet, online gaming and what not. Besides, kids are not essentially fond of doing their homework anyway when they know they do not have school, and generally do not sit down themselves to do it. In this how to, we will try to jot down a few steps the parents can follow if they want to convince their children of doing their homework with interest.


  • 1

    Homework is mandatory

    Tell your kids that doing homework is a mandatory task they have to do. They should never have the feeling that they can get away with it. Tell them of the consequences of not doing homework. For example, they will not be appreciated by their teachers and will not get good grades.

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    Benefits of homework

    In order to motivate your kids, it is very important to tell them of the benefits of doing their homework on time. Tell them that they will get recognition in their class, will get good grades and will be successful in life.

  • 3

    Give incentives

    Motivating the kids can be a tough job. You can also try giving them incentives in order to make them do their homework. Offering to let them play their favourites games, giving candies, letting them play outside are some of the incentives that will surely get the kids to do their homework.

  • 4

    Give attention, care

    It is very important that you treat your kids with complete attention and care. If you yourself are busy doing something else, you will not be able to give 100% to the kids, and hence the kids will not develop interest in their homework at all.

  • 5

    Provide good ambience

    One of the major things in ensuring kids do their homework properly is to provide a good ambience. Proper light setting, comfortable chairs and tables are just few of these examples. You must also make sure there are no distractions for the kids like television or music system switched on while they are doing their homework.

  • 6

    Discuss with kids in advance

    Preparing the kids mentally to do their homework can be an effective technique. This way, the kids will know they have a task on hand and will be prepared for it. This can come in handy when the holidays are about to come.

  • 7

    Teach them to do homework themselves

    Gradually, train kids to take responsibility for their homework. They should know that they have a task on hand which they themselves will have to accomplish.

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