How to Pet Sit a Hamster

Hamsters are a real joy to keep, especially for children under ten years of age. This cheerful creature is funny, and contrary to many people’s belief, likes cleanliness. Given the requirements, pet sitting a hamster is a huge responsibility.

There are different breeds of hamsters, and some of them are particularly popular among pet lovers. You have to understand that this animal needs proper attention. Therefore care for this animal should be your first task.

The acquisition of a hamster is wonderful but you need to learn how to feed him and what kind of behaviour to expect from him in the future.


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    Hamsters are usually kept in an aquarium or cage. If you do not have one, buy it from a pet store. Construction of a cell for the animal is an important point if you want the hamster to be comfortable. Make sure the cage contains a place for the animal to drink water and a small bowl for eating food. Nowadays, pet stores offer readymade houses for hamsters, but practice shows that the animals rarely want to live in them.

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    Hamster is a disciplined animal and taking care of it needs discipline as well. You have to clean the animal’s waste every day otherwise the entire room will be filled with bad smell.

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    It is recommended to put the hamster in a jar or bowl for pleasure. The animal certainly deserves to enjoy some time alone.

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    If you see that the cage is dirty, wash it with specialized tools or wash it after mixing water with salt and soda respectively. It is necessary to wash the water bowl once a day otherwise you run the risk of poisoning the hamster. Taking good care of the food will be the key to the health of your hamster.

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    When it comes to feeding, you need to develop a plan and try to feed the hamster in accordance with it. In addition to food, you can give raw vegetables and a special cereal.

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