How to Pimp a Monster Truck

A monster truck is an automobile that just about everyone wishes to buy. This is because it is a type of vehicle that can go anywhere and do just about anything.

Its tires alone are as big as small cars, which makes you realize just how big it really is. The monster truck is often used in car shows, where it goes on to make crazy jumps and then crush a number of other cars. Some may question why it does so, but the best reason is simply because it can.

However, if you really want to differentiate your monster truck from the rest, you are going to have to pimp it out. Pimping it out will give it that extra something that no other monster truck has.


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    You need to begin with the interior of the car. A pimped out truck can’t have any stock materials on the inside, which is why everything needs to be changed. You need to change the seats, get a new trim on the inside and even get a much better sound system.

    You may invest in LCD televisions for the inside of the truck, and a dock for your phone, and MP3 players. All of these are must haves, and things that you must put into your car.

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    After having worked on the interior of the car, you now need to turn your focus on the external part of the car.

    Your car would have come with some stock rims, and a stock paint job. However, these are simply not good enough in the world of pimped out cars. This is why you need to change all of this.

    Get a new paint job, preferably something with flames or any other form of graphics.

    At the same time, get new rims, the bigger the better.

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    Modify engine and get body kits

    The last thing you need to do, is to go ahead and modify the engine and performance levels of your truck. Get the most powerful engine that you can, and get a nitrous oxide input as well. All of this will give you the extra push that you need to get over the bump in the road.

    At the same time, you can also add a body kit to your truck. This will make it look a whole lot bigger than it already is, and will make it look a whole lot cooler as well.

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