How to Plan a Group Tour of the Mutter Museum

If you are looking forward to see the Mutter Museum’s amazing display of medical characteristics and curiosities in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, go visit the place as soon as possible. If you travel to the museum, you will increase your medical information and knowledge with historical, anomalous and ground-breaking displays of unusual medical pathologies. There are a number of ways to organise a group tour of the Mutter Museum.


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    Go to the website of the Mutter Museum

    With the help of the internet, log on to the official page of the Mutter Museum and seek information about the place’s history, review and reason. Experience the virtual tour and get to know more about the Museum and see its inborn uniqueness and the differences with other museums.

    Search for the Discount Coupon tab on the website to look out for coupons that can be used for entry. Get the coupons printed and take them along with you when you make a visit to the museum. The address of the Mutter Museum is 19 South 22nd Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19103.

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    Seek entry into the Mutter Museum

    Buy the ticket by paying the set admission fees and enter the premises. On entering, you can start exploring the place. Make sure you see the display of Chang and Eng, the well known Siamese twins. A plaster cast showing their conjoining at the liver was taken at the autopsy and helps ambitious physicians comprehend their anomaly.

    Then look at the Soap Lady, a woman whose skin mixed with the ground when she was buried and gave her skin identical properties off that of soap. After that, check Joseph Hyrtl’s accumulation of skulls. Remember to note the different anomalies, injuries and deformities. Also examine the collection of 2000 things taken from throats without surgery.

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    Other famous collections

    Observe President Grover Cleveland’s well known removed, cancerous tumour. Look at the Brain Collection that highlights the brains of small and large animals. Also see the human brains on view, most notably the Brain of a Murderer and the Brains of Epileptics. See the biggest skeleton on show in a museum in North America.

    Go through Benjamin Rush’s Medicinal Garden which consists of at least 50 contemporarily and historically significant medicinal herbs. Inspect all of the 20000 objects that the Museum contains including instruments, models, rare specimens, slides, photographs, illustrations, prints, drawings and memorabilia. Also help the museum by buying things from the gift store.

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