How to Plan Science Lessons

Teaching in a manner that makes the lesson easy to understand and at the same time informative is one of the most important tasks that a person should be able to perform as someone who teaches. It is not easy to strike a balance but it has to be done.

Particularly if you are a science teacher who is looking to introduce kids to the wonderful things around them in nature. It is important that you can get the message across without much trouble. It is not easy to plan lessons but this can be achieved with some hard work.


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    Understand Study Materials

    You will be getting study materials which will also be provided to the students you will be teaching. Go through them thoroughly and understand the essence of each lesson. You will be making your lesson based on the material that you have been provided and it is important that you are well acquainted with them.

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    Think Simple

    There is no reason for you to go crazy and incorporate all kinds of modern technologies that are available in a simple early grade lesson of science. Try to keep it simple so that the kids can understand and easily connect with the knowledge. The idea should be to deliver the concept and get them moving in the right direction rather than scaring them away from science. Use more layman terms rather than technical terms to get them moving in the right direction.

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    Practical Examples

    It will be easier for the kids if they can get some practical examples that they can understand. Plan simple activities that can help in teaching the kids about the very lessons that they are learning from the book. Often the emphasis on the theory makes their minds wondering and with the help of a practical demonstration, the understanding can improve. Also, it adds to the confidence of the kids.

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    Small Lessons

    Make sure that the lessons are short. The attention span of the kids is less than an adult and therefore, if the lesson is too long, they will likely sidetrack and lose the interest and attention. Keep them engaged and make sure that they maintain their interest.

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