How to plan well for a wedding

Weddings are once in a lifetime experience that requires a lot to be put in place in order to successful have one. It is probably going to be the happiest day of your life and for that reason, you must not settle for anything less.

Most people find it stressful to even think about their wedding day. If an upcoming wedding is giving you headache, read on to know the key items you need to plan well for a wedding. With the following tips, you can easily pull off the wedding of your dreams. So if you have set a date already it is important that you start the planning process right away.


  • 1

    Start A Survey

    It is time to start flipping those wedding magazines and researching articles, as well as making all the necessary inquiries about it takes to host a wedding successfully. You probably have friends that have gone through weddings, so get tips from them.

  • 2

    Hire A Planner

    Hiring a planner should be the next most important thing on your list. Trying to plan all by yourself is almost equivalent to suicide. Planning entails a lot, and as the celebrant, the workload might be too much for you. Your job is to know what you want and communicate it to your planner.



  • 3

    Work Out Your Budget

    Budgeting compared to other plans, cannot be done without. Most people don’t like to talk about money, but understand that your financial strength is probably what will determine the things that will make that day as wonderful as it ought to be. So sit down with your partner and make a budget plan, stating all the things you can or cannot have. That way, you know what to expect and most importantly, avoid running into any form of debts.

  • 4

    Start The Guest List

    Start your guest list and communicate to your planner the people that ought to be in it. Guests are very important, so make sure, you don’t rule anyone out.

  • 5

    Book Your Wedding Official

    Whether it is a religious official or a civil one, someone has to officiate your union. So remember to sort this out as soon as possible. Remember to communicate all relevant details to him/her to make your day go smoothly.


  • 6

    Meet With Bands/DJ And Photographers

    It’s your wedding and so you’ll do whatever it takes to make it extra beautiful and colored. With the help of a DJ with a reliable sound system or live music should add a touch of liveliness and beauty to that environment. Photographs as well as video coverage are very important for future references. So don’t forget to hire one as well.

  • 7

    Hire A Florist

    Every professional florist should be able to beautify your wedding with the touch of greenery or flowers in general.

  • 8

    Employ Caterers

    The food and drinks to be served on that day has to be on point. Most importantly, it all depends on what you can afford. And bear this in mind that as far as hosting a wedding goes, the quantity of the food does not matter, but the quality instead.

  • 9

    Purchase Wedding Dress, Shoes and Bridesmaids’ Dress

    It’s high time to focus on what you’ll wear, as well as your bridesmaids for the women and best man for the men. Your wedding outfit matter, so take your time to select the best only.

  • 10

    Select And Order The Cakes

    Check out cakes from reputable bakeries and be sure to place your order for the best of the best. Remember to follow up in the days running up to the actual event.

  • 11

    Schedule Hair And Make-Up Artist

    Looking good on your wedding day is not debatable and that includes visiting a reputable hair-dresser if you don’t already have one.

  • 12

    Print Cards

    If you have any idea on how your cards should look this would be quite easy for you. See a graphic designer as soon as possible. Have your necessary wedding cards printed out depending on your wedding due date. They can include, invitation cards, menu cards and many others.

  • 13

    Purchase Rings

    If rings are relevant for your marriage ceremony, remember to go shopping for a couple. You might need to have your rings resized or fitted to your particular taste. This might take time so do not forget to sort out the rings as soon as possible. Forgetting to get your rings is as good as forgetting why you are getting married. So take note.



  • 14

    Write Vows

    Your vows are very important, and it’s one of the main reasons to host a wedding in the first place. To tell the world exactly how you feel about your new wedded partner, as well make your partner feel special extra special on that day.



  • 15

    Finalize Everything

    Sit down with your partner and your planner and begin to cross-check all the things that has been put in place, either for the sole purpose of rectification or doing without. And most importantly, the finalizing process can help you realize most of the things you might have missed along the way.

    Planning a wedding is not a simple task, but with these tips in place, successfully hosting one can definitely be achieved.

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