How to Play Bridal Bingo

Bridal bingo is a game which is played on a gift-giving party held in anticipation of an upcoming wedding. The custom of playing this game originated in the 1890s. In modern days, it is common in the US, Canada and Australia. As the name suggests, bridal bingo is usually played by the bride-to-be, her close friends and relatives. Bridal bingo is very similar to regular bingo, with only a slight variation in rules.

Things Required:

– Small prizes
– Wedding or bridal clip art
– Bridal Bingo cards or layout for cards
– Cardstock
– Tiny pencils or pens


  • 1

    You will need specialised Bridal Bingo cards for this game. The bride’s name and the scheduled date of the bridal shower are usually printed on these cards along with basic instructions on how to play bridal bingo. You can order these cards at a printing store or you can create them yourself at home. Plan the cards at least one week in advance of the bridal shower.

  • 2

    To make the game interesting, create a number of different prizes for the winner. Small prizes such which come handy in daily life would suffice so there is no need to spend huge amounts of money to create the fun prizes.

  • 3

    Participants will need pencils during the game. Purchase a bunch of small pencils for so that the participants can cross off gift items as the bride receives and opens the gifts. Golf pencils are the most appropriate sized pencils for a game of bridal bingo.

  • 4

    Give one bridal card to all the guests who come on the bridal shower. To save yourself the trouble of having to go all the way around the hall, place the cards on all the tables before the arrival of the guests.

  • 5

    Make an announcement and explain a very easy to understand rule. Participants need to cross off a gift that the bride opens from their respective bridal bingo cards until a guest has crossed off five columns in a single column or row. At this point, that guests needs to shout ‘Bingo’.

  • 6

    Other guest can continue playing the game until the bride has opened all her gifts. At the end, present the fun prizes that you purchased earlier to all the winners.

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