How to Play Canfield Solitaire

Canfield solitaire has quite a rich history and tradition, dating back to around the 1890’s. It started when a casino owner in upstate New York, Richard A. Canfield revealed he had invented a new card game. It is an entertaining casino game that is very simple to play but tough to win. There are a lot of ways to play Canfield solitaire effectively by following these basic instructions.

Things Required:

– Casino
– Deck of cards
– 2 or more players


  • 1

    Getting started

    Begin the game by giving out 13 cards face down in a pile known as the reserve pile. Put a single card face up in its own particular row. This is called the first foundation card and the rest of the three foundation cards are the same rank card in the other three suits. The dealer needs to give four cards face up, right next to the other in a row below the foundation card. These cards are named as the “tableau” and the card on the top of every column in this set can be used to play. Maintain the other cards face down in a different stockpile.

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    Make foundations

    Create the foundations up by suit, going from King to Ace until you have dealt all cards of the suit. If a card does not fit on them, build the tableau columns down by changing colours, going from Ace to King. Remember that cards placed in a sequence can be moved jointly to another column. The tableau column that is empty can receive the top card from the reserve pile. However, if it is also empty, you can put a card from the stockpile. Try to fill the gaps in the foundations or tableau from the reserve pile.

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    Further instructions

    Move over three cards from the stockpile into the extra pile when no moves can be made. Use the top card in the extra pile to fill gaps in the foundations or the tableau. Once you reach the end of the stockpile, turn the extra pile over and begin again. You win the game when you get all cards into the foundation piles.

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