How to Play Fantasy Football

Fantasy premier league is one of the most highly played online football games in the entire globe at this moment. The Barclays premier league has fast become the most watched football season in the entire world and at the moment millions of fans watch the season. This has certainly increased interest in the fantasy premier league game which is based on this season of football. Players of the game pick up their teams and enter the competition and get points on weekly basis, based on what the players do.


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    The first step in playing the game is to register on the official page of the website. The page may be easily accessed from searching from any search engine on the web. You should now access the icons on the website that will guide you through the main layout of the game.

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    After doing this, one should register for the game on the website. For this, you will be required to make an account with the game. This is mandatory, as you will be not being capable of registering for the game otherwise. You should have an email id for the matter as well as it will be required to complete the registration.

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    After completing the step mentioned upwards, you will be entering into the process of picking up your team. This is the most important step on the joining agenda of the game as it has a direct say on the performance that you exhibit in the game. A player of the game has to buy 15 players from the entire players available for the Barclays Premier League season. There are further notices on the matter of picking up a team as every player is given a budget of 100 points. From these 100 points, one has to buy and make up his squad. One more catch in the game is that a person can not include more than 3 players of the same team in his team. For example, a player cannot have 4 Manchester United players in his squad. Keeping this in view, one has to complete the set of 15 players which includes 2 goal-keepers.

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    Next, the player has to complete the team and make a captain from his selected players and also a vice captain. A captain will get double the points on the match-day from his accumulated score for his performances.

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    Finally, you are required to join some open league or any league that has been set up by your friends. The best way to play is to join a league in which your friends are playing.

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