How to Play Harmonica

If you able to play or operate some musical instruments, there is no doubt that you can entertain people around big time. Carrying big and heavy musical instruments or equipments like guitar, organ, violin and mandolin may just prove to be slightly inconvenient at times. However, there is one such musical instrument that is not only easy to carry but is lot cheaper than other musical instruments. If you are still not able to guess, the name of that musical instrument is Harmonica that is also known as mouth organ. If you do not know about playing Harmonica then now you might be able to play a few melodies.


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    The first thing that you should know before playing Harmonica is basic musical notes. It is good to have some knowledge of basic musical notes on a regular keyboard.

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    Blowing and drawing air inside and outside the Harmonica, carefully observe that which particular sound created by blowing matches the sound created from keyboard.

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    As you will be observing the similarities of notes created by Harmonica and the Keyboard, you will come to know that the sounds created by playing WHITE KEYS ON THE KEYBOARD are matching the sounds created by blowing and drawing air from Harmonica.

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    Once you have discovered the similarities of sounds from both the instruments, try playing some basic melodies such as “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, “London Bridge is following down” and “Oh Susanna”, as these tunes can be played using White Keys of the Keyboard or the organ.

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    After you are able to play these basic tunes for beginners, you may go on to try some other tunes that can be played using White Keys of the Keyboard.

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