How to Play Hoopla Game

Hoopla is a game which can be played by people of both genders and different ages. In this game, you are allotted a specific number of minutes and you must clear out all the cards in the queue which has been assigned to you. It’s a fast paced game and not too hard to play. You must have a good sense of humour for this game, and mostly families play it in their fun time.

Things Required

– Stop watch
– Card game set


  • 1

    To start things off, you must select and choose different teams. There is no set quota for the amount of players who can play this game. Different teams should be allotted as many players as they want, but it will be fun if the teams are balanced in terms of number. For example, if there are 20 people in total, both teams should have 10 people each.

  • 2

    Get yourself a stopwatch, a stop clock or anything that can measure time and start playing after setting a 15-minute timer.

  • 3

    Pull a card and there must be an activity written on it. The card must be pulled after rolling the dice. The dice will determine which activity you will have to perform.

  • 4

    Start making your team-mates guess about the activity which was in the card. Try to be fast and take the least amount of time. Beating the timer is the real game. Fifteen minutes seem too long and you better not waste them while making your team-mates guess.

  • 5

    Once you have rolled the dice and are performing the activity that you got, make sure that you are tongue-tied. You will have to make others guess the thing without using a phrase or a word.

    Try to make them guess words which relate to the activity which you have got. You can even draw things out, but that’s only in cases of emergency. You can act out everything and anything that is related to the activity to help them figure out the word and phrase written on your card.

  • 6

    The team, on the other hand, should keep guessing everything that the person who pulled out the card is trying to make them guess. The answers can be told one by one or even as a team. This exercise must go on until the actual answer has been given.

  • 7

    The next card is pulled out by the person who is next in line.

  • 8

    You must finish your cards before the 15-minute timer is out.

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