How to Play Marathon Durandal

Created by Bungie Software, Marathon Durandal was the first sequel of Marathon – a series of science fiction computer games. The original game was released in November 1995, and since then its different editions have been ruling the gaming world.

The plot of the game is based on the Pfhor’s attack on the Tau Ceti colony. And the player takes the role of the Security Officer from the Marathon. The player’s main objective is to beat the intruders and stall their advance, as they have further plans to attack the Earth.

Its previous versions were compatible with Microsoft Windows, but now it has been released for the Xbox. It is not one of the tougher games to play and if you are familiar with the basics of gaming, you would hardly take a few days to learn its tactics.


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    First of all, you are supposed to set up your equipment. There are many fake DVDs available; don’t buy any of them. The copied DVD will  stop working after a few days, plus it does not have all the features. After buying the genuine disc, set up your Xbox and get ready for thrill and drama.

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    Read the instructions written on the DVD case. The game itself has a list of guidelines for the new players. If you feel any difficulty, look for the detailed description of the game on the internet. It is best to take a good idea about the game before making any move.

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    Find different weapons to enhance your power. A new weapon ‘the shotgun’ has been added to the game. Now the player can use two shotguns simultaneously, if he/she find a couple of them in the field. A player may face water, mountain and other obstacles, but the aim is to continue advancing.

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    Its' multiplayer feature is pretty interesting. Eight players can play the game at the same time through a LAN connection. There are six different distinctive multiplayer game scenarios. Killing other player gives one point, whereas dying decreases score by one point. Among other scenarios are: Kill the Man with the Ball, King of the Hill, Tag, Team Play, and Cooperative.

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