How to Play Pick 4 Lottery Numbers

If you are lucky, you can become a millionaire in a day by hitting the jackpot in a lottery. There are many types of lotteries all around the world and one of them is Pick 4, in which you have to select four numbers from 0000 to 9999. For example, you can choose 1983. The selected numbers are marked on a play slip. You have to select the desired play type as well as the amount to wager on the slip. Hand over the slip to the store clerk to get a ticket in return.


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    There are many play types of the Pick 4 lottery and straight is one of them. You will be the winner if the number drawn is precisely the same as you chose. The payout in this game is different in almost every state but generally it is around $5000 for a dollar. If you put in $.50 only, you will win $2500. This game is known as Exact Match in some parts of the world.

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    In this play type of Pick 4 Lottery, you will win even if the number drawn is in any arrangement, as long as all the four digits are the same. For example, you selected a number 2048, you will still win even if the drawn number is 4082 or any other sequence. The payout however, is different as per the sequence. If all four digits are different, you will get $200 for a dollar. You will win $400 if two of the numbers are perfectly placed. These payouts vary from state to state.

    The Box game is also called Any Order in some areas.

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    By playing this type of Pick 4 Lottery, you will bet half your money on Straight and half on the Box. Playing Straight or Box separately, you can even play for just $.50 but the minimum you can bet in Straight/Box is $1 ($.50 on Straight and $.50 on Box). You have a higher chance of winning in this game because on your day, you can win both straight as well as the Box.

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    Some other types

    There are some other types of Pick 4 Lottery like Front Pair, Back Pair, Middle Pair and Sum. The names of these types are self-explanatory and payouts vary.

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