How to Play PIG in Basketball

PIG is one of the most common games that have become a part of several sports these days. The concept behind the game is very simple and is based on the word PIG. PIG is considered and portrayed as a bad animal who does not get the sympathy of the general public and on this is based the concept of the game. In basketball, players have to try to score a basket and if they fail, the countdown to become the world PIG begins and the game goes on.


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    The very first step in the game is to get the players in. If you do not have the number of players that are required to start the game then you may just never succeed in what you are looking to do. The game is a very enjoyable one and serves the full purpose when the numbers of players are more and hence this makes the game thoroughly enjoyable. At least the numbers of players that must be there to start and initiate the game are 4 and without these 4 contestants, the game cannot be played. Once the players are ready, we move on to the next step.

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    In this step, the main focus is to find the place where we are intending to play the game. For the game, a basketball court is a must. Hence the players should select a certain basketball court that is in good condition and can bear the players to play the game. Once you have decided upon the court and have selected it, you move to the place with all the players and a basketball.

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    Having reached the court of basketball, the players have to stand in a line and start the game. The game starts in the fashion that the players have to settle for a sequence of turns in the game and when their turn comes, they have to shoot the ball towards the bucket from a number of places. Now the game goes on and the players who mishit their shots are not allowed to take turns again, however, the players who score the bucket will have another attempt and next go at the bucket. This also gets repeated and the players who miss start counting like first P, then I and then finally when he misses for the third time, he becomes a whole PIG. The game is very enjoyable; just try it out with friends.

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