How to Play Shortstop in Softball

Shortstop is a very important position in softball. It is crucial for a shortstop to be agile at fielding balls and throwing them back to their destination without delay. Moreover, a shortstop should know when to help other infielders and to cover the bases while other players are doing the fielding. As is the case with any position in a sport, being effective as a shortstop in softball requires a fair amount of practice and long hours of training.

Things Required:

– Softball Cleats
– Softball Fielding Gloves
– Softball Glove Conditioner Cream
– Softballs


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    When playing shortstop in softball, the best technique is to charge at slow-rolling balls instead of waiting for it to reach you. This technique should be practised with the throwing hand because the other hand is covered by a glove and pulling the softball out can take time.

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    To prevent hits from making there way to the outfield, be prepared at all times to jump and knock or grab them. Expect to get a fair amount of action if you are positioned between second and third base, provided that your opponent doing the hitting is right-handed. Being able to efficiently knock a softball down, can save you time on the field.

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    You should be able to change from one position to the other quickly. Since you are the shortstop, it will be your responsibility to cover the base while the player at second base is out assisting in fielding a ball that was hit towards right-centre. On the other hand, you will go out to assist in fielding a ball that was hit towards left-centre as the player at second base will cover for you.

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    Unnecessary help attempts from other infielders will result in your area becoming congested. The best way to prevent this from happening is to call fly balls.

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    Be sure to throw balls that you catch as fast as possible. You will want to have strong arms and great gloves to increase the chances of your team dominating in the game.

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