How to Play Texas Hold Em Poker

Texas hold em poker is a game where players can use their own cards and the ones on the board to make up a five-card poker hand. This game mostly involves money as people allocate a certain value to different coloured chips and then use them for every hand. Once the game is over, the winner takes all. Here is how you can play Texas hold em poker.


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    The game starts with each player getting two cards, also known as the starting hand. Once the cards have been received, players have the option to either stay in the game or withdraw. If you think that the cards in your hands are extremely good, you can always call a blind. In case they are not of your liking, you can simply throw away your cards and withdraw from the game without any cost.

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    After you have decided that you will go on to play and have called the original bet, then the dealer will put three cards on the table, also known as the flop. After the flop, all players have an option to continue or withdraw from the game with only cost being the original bet. However, if they want to continue, they can either raise their bids or keep up with the lowest bids. Moreover, players will determine through the flop whether the five cards available can make up a winning hand.

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    Once a round of betting is complete, another card is opened on the board by the dealer. This card can help you make up a five-card hand once again, but the steaks are doubled as all the players have to make another bid. This fourth card which is turned on the table is known as the turn.

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    The last round of betting starts once again and it is known as the river. Another card is opened on the board for one last time. The betting is yet again doubled and players have an option to call, raise the bet or withdraw from the game.

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    Once all the cards have been displayed on the board and the bidding war is over, dealer asks all the players to who their cards. The dealer has the responsibility to determine the winner. Once a winner has been determined, he/she receives all the chips and the dealer gets all the cards back so that he can shuffle and deal them again.

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