How to Play the Mandolin for Beginners

The interest in the Italian mandolin is increasing around the world. This harmonious instrument got so much of its popularity in the folk music of the Celts, Italians and, oddly enough, the Americans. Most people believe that the instrument has a universal sound.

Mandolin is descended from the lute. This wonderful instrument has been used by Italians in the XVII century and managed to become rapidly popular throughout Europe. Due to the fact that popular music in the last decade was in demand again, mandolin sounded again at festivals, youth parties, domestic and club gigs.


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    Despite the fact that the mandolin is a stringed instrument played by a predominantly mediated or plectrum, fingers are often used while playing it. This device draws the sound and quickly fades to extend it's playing tremolo sound. Tremolo is a fast repetition of the same notes. However, to make that tremolo happen, the player must not only correctly and evenly hit the strings with a pick, but to sit back and play at runtime.

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    Learning to play the mandolin is easy. There are only 8 ways to extract audio from this tool: staccato or bar, another bar, chords, tremolo, slurs, trills, vibrato and glissandro. Staccato or bar is a single blow of a pick on a string of "top-down" or "bottom-up" approach. While playing the staccato, it is important that the mediator is not clinging to the neighbouring strings. Legato is achieved by rapidly pressing the strings on the given odds. Squeeze any of your fingers of your left hand on a given string fret and hit the first string with your right hand. Rapid repetition of alternating notes is called a trill. Implementation of vibrato and glissando are very similar to performance of similar techniques on the guitar.

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    The next bar is performed when the melody needs more than one string. Plectrum can be played on different alternate strings. Do not try to take the high tempo at the start. Try to start slowly and then increase the pace gradually.

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