How to Play Webkinz

Introduced in 2005 by a toy company in Canada, Webkinz are stuffed toy animals that are playable online in ‘Webkinz World’. For the plush pets of children, Webkinz provide a virtual and safe world for them. Like lions, hippos and dogs, Webkinz come in a number of varieties. In order to buy food and clothes to dress their Webkinz, children must have KinzCash, which can be earned by playing the game either against other Webkinz users or solo. Some games like Wishing Well II, Color Storm, Goober’s Lab and Cash Cow can be easily found on Webkinz.

Things Required:

– Computer
– Internet connection


  • 1

    Login & choose the arcade

    Press the ‘Things to Do’ tab at the bottom of your screen after logging in to your Webkinz account. From the drop-down menu, you need to choose the arcade.

  • 2

    Solo games

    You can find all 47 games that you can play by yourself in the arcade by scrolling up and down. Once you find the game you are interested in, click on ‘Play’, which can be found right next to the game. In order to learn about the game you are about to play, you may go to the ‘Instructions’. However, if you already know about the game, you can just go ahead and proceed with ‘Play’.

  • 3

    Against another player

    You need to click on the ‘Things to Do’ tab, which can be found at the bottom of the screen. From the drop-down menu that appears on your screen, you should choose ‘Tournament Arena’. This section gives you an opportunity to play against other Webkinz users.

    From here, click on ‘PVP’, which is an abbreviation of ‘Player versus Player’. You can now find 14 games, which can be played against other players. By using the up and down arrows, scroll through the list and choose the game you wish to take part in.

    You can see friends who are logged in to Webkinz on your screen and can select one of them to play against. If none of your friends are online, you can go to the option ‘Find me an opponent’.

    The instructions will appear on the screen and you can click on ‘Next’ after reading them.

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