How to Play With a Newborn

Newborn babies are too soft and sensitive, therefore they should be handled with care. Some people do not realize that and often treat newborns roughly which makes them very uncomfortable. Everyone just loves to play with the newborns and one cannot stop playing with them. A newborn is always in the limelight and everyone wants to hold him in their hands but some forget to keep the element of extra care while doing that.

One can play with infant in different forms, some like to play by making weird noises; some bring them toys with music and animal voices, others keep talking to them in a funny way to make them smile.

One should not forget that an infant has so much to learn and he/she does most of it while interacting with people. Playing with an infant not only fills the individual with joy but also allows the infant to learn new things. It is a part of his/her development; therefore one should be vigilant about how to play with an infant, as this strengthens the bond between both of you.

To play with a newborn, one should follow the subsequent steps:


  • 1

    Keep talking to your infant, so he/she would be able to recognise your voice. Your head should not be more than a feet away from infant as they are used to looking and listening to you at the same time. They are usually attracted to your face and to make the interaction interesting, one should keep smiling and giving different facial expressions.

  • 2

    Try playing a relaxing music for infants get really attracted to it. You can also sing a beautiful song to your baby and note that they are pleased with the sounds like ‘ah’ and ‘eh’.

  • 3

    Apart from your activities, also give attention to the noises made by your Newborn. You should also cuddle him and play with his feet and hands.

  • 4

    You can also try handing him objects, so the newborn should be able to feel the touch.

  • 5

    Allow him/her to play with toys. You can start by giving toys that make sound when shaken. Also use some toys that are made to develop the hearing, touch and sight of infants. These toys will also help them in having a sense for colours.

  • 6

    You should also pay attention to when the baby gets teased, meaning when to keep playing and stop as it might be his/her time to sleep.

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