How to Play With Your Unborn Baby

In the last three months, your baby can hear you and can even be familiar with people’s voices. It is soothing for a baby to listen to what you say or read to him. Remember that your womb is already rich in sound. This is because your heartbeat, gurgles of stomach, sound of placenta are like music to your baby’s ear. Ear is functional in the 16th week of pregnancy and thus you can bond with your child even before he comes in this world. You can build relationship with your child by reading, singing and touching.

Things Required:

– Headphones
– Books
– Flashlight


  • 1

    Talk to your baby

    As your baby can hear what you say, talk to your growing baby. This is one of the best ways to start relationship with your baby. You can talk to him anything e.g. tell him what are you doing or where are you going. Tell your baby about your dreams, your life and what you want to show when he enters this world. It is possible that you might feel that you are becoming crazy by talking to yourself. However, it is not the case as you are conversing with your baby and once he enters this life, you will see the connection.

  • 2

    Read to your baby

    Reading to your baby is similar as talking to your baby. You are doing this in order to familiarize the baby with your voice. You can read anything to your baby such as fairytales, classic stories, poems, comics or even nursery rhymes. Besides these, you can even read out loud the stuff you are reading e.g. religious books, newspaper, magazines etc. This is because you want your voice to reach to the baby so he will recognize you.

  • 3

    Play music and sing to your baby

    You can play music to your baby. Place headset on your belly and enjoy the music with your baby. You can play all types of music ranging from classical music to the normal type you listen every day. You can feel baby movements in response to the music you play. You can even sing songs to your baby and thus give him another chance to recognize your voice.

  • 4

    Play peek-a-book

    Peek-a-book is a fun game which you can play with your unborn child. Get a flashlight and shine on to your belly. You will have more fun playing this game when you can feel baby’s movements and see him moving through your skin. In most cases, baby will follow the light wherever you flash it.

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